Our Mission


The vibrant fabric of Kashmiri culture teeters on the brink of extinction, a consequence of a forced mass exodus three decades ago that has left our community scattered and on the verge of disappearance. 

In response, the visionary founders of HemAth are charting a bold course to revive and safeguard our cultural heritage. 

Their mission is clear: empower the resilient women of Kashmir. 

HemAth stands as a beacon, offering education, skills in Kashmiri crafts, and a rallying cry for collaboration.  Teams of women, each led by a chosen trailblazer, will embark on transformative projects fueled by HemAth's funding and support. Wages, reflective of market rates, and profits, intricately tied to production, will be the economic lifeblood. These profits will, in turn, be reinvested, ensuring a perpetual cycle of empowerment and cultural preservation. 

HemAth boldly asserts that every woman, regardless of age or educational background, possesses the power to not only preserve but also rejuvenate Kashmiri culture through entrepreneurial spirit and empowerment.