Sechan Te Pan

Sichen tei Pann

HemAth focus is to inspire, enable and empower the displaced women of Kashmir. What can be better than helping them develop crafts for which Kashmir is well known


Current Projects 


 Cutting and Stitching Project

All our Kashmiri ladies have an inborn skill of stitching and repairing for men and children at home. Our aim was to train them to develop and sharpen these skills in order to make commercialized merchandize to earn and up-lift themselves and the family.

In collaboration with Govt. Polytechnic for Women Jammu under the scheme of Community Development through Polytechnic (CDTP) 2 Skill Training workshops were held in our HemAth office at Jagti township.


 Embroidery Project

Embroidery is what Kashmir is known for. HemAth purchased 2 embridary machines and hired a full-time teacher from Calcutta for 3 months duration. The ladies continue to practice the crafts.
A group will be selected after an exam to start embroidery on merchandize.

In addition, HemAth is exploring methods to bring back the hand embroidery that is rapidely vanishing as a specialty of Kashmiri crafts.