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In our context, the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellness of women of our community who even after 3 decades have not been able to take control of their lives. We believe that we cannot have HemAth without Sehath.

Meet the HemAth of this Program

Renu Wokhlu Tickoo
Program Director

Karuna Dhar Munshi
Art of Living Instructor

Rewa Cherwoo Kaul
Yoga Instructor

Neelma Dhar Bhan
Mental Wellness

To help us frame a functional approach to improving wellness of our KP women, we are lucky to have two experts on our team: Mrs. Karuna Dhar Munshi and Dr. Neelma Dhar Bhan. Karuna ji is a teacher for children, teens and adults at the ART OF LIVING, Foundation, India and Dr. Neelma Dhar Bhan is a consulting psychiatrist in Fraser Health, Vancouver, Canada.