Inspire, Enable & Empower the Women of Kashmir

By creating a spirit of collaboration, providing means to educate & imparting skills to develop crafts to uplift their families & help preserve endangered Kashmiri cultures

Skill development

Skill Development and enhancement

We plan to support women entrepreneurs in our community by supporting them with skill development and/or by enhancing their skills.

Focus on Entrepreneurship

We believe each woman with entrepreneurship spirit will fit in one of the projects irrespective of her age and educational level.

Planning and Execution Support

We put together the project along with the aspiring entrepreneurs and help make it a success by supporting them throughout the project lifecycle.

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HemAth Newsletter, 1st Issue, July 2022

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Hemath NGO की ओर से जगती मैं एक प्रोगारामं किया गया जिसके तहत कशमीर से डिपलेस हुई महिलाओं को रोजगार

Shakun Malik, Founder and President of "HemAth" describing the project on International women’s day at NFIA event