About Us

Who We Are?

The empowerment of displaced Kashmiri women is essential to uplift the whole community and bring socio-economic development to the region. The government and other stakeholders need to work together to ensure that women are given equal opportunities and that their rights are protected.

A group of women formed HemAth to inspire and enable this community of women who represent our mothers, our aunts, our sisters, and our daughters — by supporting them through education, upskilling, and collaboration we can increase their chances of reaching their full potential, and continue to pass that prosperity forward to future generations.

What We Do?

HemAth team plans to accomplish the mission by providing Kashmiri women with means to educate, impart skills to develop Kashmiri crafts, and empower them to uplift their families. Creating a spirit of collaboration will have a substantial impact on community health, nutrition, education, and housing which will contribute to the preservation of our culture and community.

Our Mission

HemAth in Kashmiri means strength. The goal of the organization was to give that HemAth back to the women of Kashmir. HemAth realized that empowering the displaced women of our community could uplift entire families and, in turn, could lead them back to opportunity and rebuild those foundations.

We believe that every woman who aspires to get empowered and has entrepreneurship in her spirit will be able to fit in one of the HemAth projects irrespective of her age and educational level.

Rise and Thrive: Empowering Women through Skill Development

Skill development

Skill Development and enhancement

We plan to support women entrepreneurs in our community by supporting them with skill development and/or by enhancing their skills.

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Focus on Entrepreneurship

We believe each woman with entrepreneurship spirit will fit in one of the projects irrespective of her age and educational level.

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Planning and Execution Support

We put together the project along with the aspiring entrepreneurs and help make it a success by supporting them throughout the project lifecycle.

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Current Projects for: Skill Development and Wellness for Women Entrepreneurs

Wate Havuk

HemAth is launching a premier one-to-one pilot mentoring program for displaced Kashmiri women "Wate Havuk". The main focus of  "Wate Havuk" program will be on Kashmiri women for displaced and underprivileged families who are passionate and ambitious, looking for career path guidance, skill development and career growth opportunities.

HemAth is collaborating with Helpline Humanity and Shri Vishwakarma Skill University for the Project.

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Sechan Te Pan

HemAth focus is to inspire, enable and empower the displaced women of Kashmir. What can be better than helping them develop crafts for which Kashmir is well known

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Wellness Program

In our context, the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellness of women of our community who even after 3 decades have not been able to take control of their lives. We believe that we cannot have HemAth without Sehath.

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Gallery-Projects Completed

1. Mask Project

HemAth's first project "Mask Project" started in October 2021 and was completed in December 2021. Our 12 ladies from Jagti Camp in Jammu made over 1000 Masks in just two (2) months.

HemAth provided the materials. The ladies were given online Zoom lessons and a learning video complied by Bela Kaul from Boston. Quality control by Ishu Dhar from Jammu. Masks not at par were rejected and women were encouraged to learn from other sisters to create a team working environment. The ladies in the project were paid based on their work production. The flexibility that this project could be done at their homes for the hours that were available to them after taking care of their household responsibilities was appreciated.

2. HemAth COVID Warriors

The time, we were trying to put together HemAth projects and teams together, COVID-19 pandemic hit India and situation became especially very critical for our community in refugee camps. HemAth and its volunteers actively did whatever the could to help.

HemAth purchased oximeters, PPI's oxygen and food items to help the community. The team members went door to door gauging the need, communicating with us, and helping in whatever way as needed.

Our Board Members

Dr. Shakun Malik was born in Srinagar Kashmir. She has been two term Kashmiri Overseas Association (KOA) president (2017-2021), Zone 4 KOA Director and Zone 4 President prior.

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Shakun Malik President, Founder & CEO

Her service to not-for-profit organizations includes Vice President on the Executive Board of Kashmiri Overseas Association (KOA) and Co-Chair for Education Committee for the Academic Programs at Bharatiya Temple of Troy, Michigan.

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Rajesh Mattoo Vice President & Treasurer

She has been involved in Volunteering few nonprofit organizations, like, KOA, Sai Parivaar & March of Dimes, etc.

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Reena Moza Director

She is serving on KOA Board as Zone 5 Director. During recent Covid-19 surge in India, Renu was actively coordinating with on-the ground volunteers of the Covid response team.

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Renu Tickoo Wokhlu Director

She is passionate about preserving Kashmiri Pandit heritage and has been actively driving many initiatives geared towards KP kids. She conceptualized and led KOA kids camp in 2020 along with a team of volunteers to conduct 50+ sessions covering culture, language, music, art, cooking, etc.

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Surabhi Bhan Kotru Director

She has been at the forefront of the rights of children and has been advocating for better inclusive education for young children. She has published on inclusive education in Hong Kong in the prestigious Early Childhood Journal.

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Renu Hakim Secretary

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If our cause resonates with you and you would like to support our fundraising efforts, please contact us using "Contact Us" form and we will get back to you on how you can donate. Thank You!