About Us

Who We Are?

The empowerment of Kashmiri women is essential to uplift the whole community and bring socio-economic development to the region. The government and other stakeholders need to work together to ensure that women are given equal opportunities and that their rights are protected.

A group of women formed HemAth to inspire and enable this community of women who represent our mothers, our aunts, our sisters, and our daughters — by supporting them through education, upskilling, and collaboration we can increase their chances of reaching their full potential, and continue to pass that prosperity forward to future generations.

What We Do?

HemAth team plans to accomplish the mission by providing Kashmiri women with means to educate, impart skills to develop Kashmiri crafts, and empower them to uplift their families. Creating a spirit of collaboration will have a substantial impact on community health, nutrition, education, and housing which will contribute to the preservation of our culture and community.


Our Mission

HemAth in Kashmiri means strength. The goal of the organization was to give that HemAth back to the women of Kashmir. HemAth realized that empowering the displaced women of our community could uplift entire families and, in turn, could lead them back to opportunity and rebuild those foundations.

We believe that every woman who aspires to get empowered and has entrepreneurship in her spirit will be able to fit in one of the HemAth projects irrespective of her age and educational level.