HemAth's first project "Mask Project" started in October 2021 and was completed in December 2021. Our 12 ladies from Jagti Camp in Jammu made over 1000 Masks in just two (2) months.

HemAth provided the materials. The ladies were given online Zoom lessons and a learning video complied by Bela Kaul from Boston. Quality control by Ishu Dhar from Jammu. Masks not at par were rejected and women were encouraged to learn from other sisters to create a team working environment. The ladies in the project were paid based on their work production. The flexibility that this project could be done at their homes for the hours that were available to them after taking care of their household responsibilities was appreciated.

  • HemAth COVID Warriors

The time, we were trying to put together HemAth projects and teams together, COVID-19 pandemic hit India and situation became especially very critical for our community in refugee camps. HemAth and its volunteers actively did whatever the could to help.

HemAth purchased oximeters, PPI's oxygen and food items to help the community. The team members went door to door gauging the need, communicating with us, and helping in whatever way as needed.