Copy of Our Mission


Every community has its own unique culture, traditions, and beliefs.

Kashmiri culture is at the brink of extinction. Although three decades have passed since the forced mass exodus, the majority of our community is still languishing in refugee camps in Jammu and a few in the valley. With our small community that now is scattered across the world, we are at the brink of extinction.

To preserve Kashmiri culture, the founders of HemAth believe that it can be achieved by inspiring, enabling and empowering the women of Kashmir.

HemAth team plans to accomplish the mission by providing Kashmiri women means to educate, impart skills to develop Kashmiri crafts, and empower them to uplift their families. Creating a spirit of collaboration will have a substantial impact on community health, nutrition, education, and housing which will contribute to the preservation of our culture and community.

Our concept is simple. We will make teams of women with a leader in each group who they choose (the number of teams will depend on the project). HemAth team will fundraise, put the project together along with the women and help them from inception to the marketing. The owners of the business are the women of the team.

They will be given wages as per current market rate based on their production. Once the project generates money, the invested amount will be deducted from the profits which will then be reinvested in the same ongoing project or in another one depending on the situation at the time. The net profit will be divided amongst the women of the project which will be production based.

The women will be encouraged to pick easy projects based on their skills, that are practical could be accomplished and easily saleable.

We believe that each and every woman who aspires to get empowered and has the entrepreneurship in her spirit will be able to fit in one the HemAth projects irrespective of her age and educational level.