Copy of Wate Havuk Program


"Wate Havuk" translates to someone who shows you a path forward in Kashmiri language.

HemAth believes helping young women get mentored in their careers will be essential in forwarding the mission of inspiration and empowerment of displaced Kashmiri women.
Wate Havuk was launched as a pilot one on one mentoring program in 2022.

 Wate Havuk Program Objective

  • To develop Mentee's skills

  • Groom for job readiness

  • Broadening Mentee's network

  • Help connect to potential career opportunities

  • Put Mentees on a path to ultimate long-term success

    Note: This program is not meant to provide financial support for mentee's education or other needs or any guarantee for job placement. The achievement of the actual goals set, will depend entirely on the person's personal ambition and skills.

At the completion of the Program:


  • A Successful Completion Certificate by HemAth Board at the recommendation of the mentor 
  • A "Star Mentee" is chosen by the HemAth Board at the recommendation of the Program Director and the Mentors




 Success highlights : The 2022 Wate Havuk program

The impact of the Wate Havuk program in 2022 was profound, with the mentees achieving remarkable milestones and experiencing life-changing outcomes. Here are some notable highlights:

  • A mentee from the Jagti camp demonstrated exceptional talent and secured a prestigious consulting position at Ernst & Young in Gurgaon. In recognition of her outstanding performance, she was honored with the "Star Mentee" Award.
  •  Overcoming an 11-year career break due to motherhood, a determined mentee from Udhampur successfully reentered the workforce, showcasing the program's effectiveness in empowering individuals to pursue their professional aspirations.
  •  A passionate mentee realized her lifelong dream of publishing a poetry book titled "Drowning in the Tears of Rainstorm." To her delight, she had the honor of presenting her creation to the Hon'ble Governor of Haryana, demonstrating the program's ability to nurture artistic talents and provide unique opportunities.
  •  A mentee from the Jagti camp, driven by her ambition to become a journalist, received a valuable opportunity to get connected with media
  •  Inspired by the program, a Jammu-based mentee who was both a devoted mother and an entrepreneur, gained renewed confidence in advertising her business more broadly and achieving greater visibility in the market.
  •  Another mentee from Jammu, equipped with a B.Com degree got inspired to pursue her career in medical field
  •  A Delhi-based mentee witnessed a significant breakthrough in her career, earning a meaningful promotion and a well-deserved increase in compensation, underscoring the program's ability to catalyze professional growth and reward hard work and dedication.

These success stories reflect the immense impact and tangible outcomes that the inaugural Wate Havuk program has delivered to its mentees, reinforcing the program's commitment to empowering individuals and helping them unlock their full potential in various fields of endeavor.


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