HemAth Board

Shakun Malik
President, Founder & CEO

Dr. Shakun Malik was born in Srinagar Kashmir. She has been two term Kashmiri Overseas Association (KOA) president (2017-2021), Zone 4 KOA Director and Zone 4 President prior. She has lived in US since 1980, but her heart still belongs to the valley of Kashmir. Even after the exodus and during peak of militancy, she could not hold off her desire to visit the land where she can breathe the familiar air. Visiting refugee camps and then holding medical clinic made her even more determined to do whatever she can to be of a service to her community.

“In 2016 I held a medical clinic at Gopinath ji Ashram. I met a number of women who came with health issues. I noted lack of zest and self-confidence in their demeaner. The mention of idea of being able to engage in work that could financially help animated them and they got excited. The seed for HemAth was sown in my mind but I needed to find support of like-minded people with similar vision to accomplish.

By profession Shakun Malik is an oncologist and is triple boarded by the American Board of Internal medicine. She is Head, Thoracic and Head & Neck Cancer Therapeutics at Cancer Therapy evaluation Program (CTEP), National Cancer Institute, NIH. She is accomplished in the field of medicine and has a number of publications to her credit in peer reviewed journals. She has received multiple awards by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and National Cancer Institute for her contribution in the field of medicine.


Rajesh Mattoo
Vice President & Treasurer

Dr. Rajesh Kaul Mattoo was born and raised in Srinagar, Kashmir, India. She has a PhD in Ecology (1980) from the Kashmir University and MPA with specialization in Healthcare Administration (1997) from the Long Island University, New York, USA. She has worked as Adjunct Professor of Botany in New York College and Network Development Administrator in a leading Managed Care Network.
Her service to not-for-profit organizations includes Vice President on the Executive Board of Kashmiri Overseas Association (KOA) and Co-Chair for Education Committee for the Academic Programs at Bharatiya Temple of Troy, Michigan.

Reena Moza

Reena Moza was born and bought up in Srinagar, Kashmir India. She has done MA. in Psychology from University of Kashmir. Came to San-Francisco California, USA in 1985. 
Reena is working in a reputed electronic company in sales in San Francisco Bay Area, California. Her passion is Cooking and also has online cooking blog. (http://www.reenamoza.com)
She has been involved in Volunteering few nonprofit organizations, like, KOA, Sai Parivaar & March of Dimes, etc.

Renu Tickoo Wokhlu

Renu Tickoo Wokhlu, was born in Kashmir, resided in Jammu after exodus and is Texas-based since 2001. Renu is an engineer by profession in the semiconductor industry. The exodus from Kashmir impacted her deeply and she is always on the frontlines to do her bit by actively organizing, leading, and participating in community events. Currently she is serving on KOA Board as Zone 5 Director. During recent Covid-19 surge in India, Renu was actively coordinating with on-the ground volunteers of the Covid response team.
She strongly believes in women empowerment as a critical element of social development. She visited Jagati camp in Feb 2020 along with Dr. Shakun Malik and Dr. Rajesh Kaul Mattoo and met up the women affected by exodus and still struggling to make a decent living. That’s how Renu became part of HemAth and hopes to make a difference to the cause of uplifting the women from our community. 

Surabhi Bhan Kotru

Surabhi Bhan Kotru has been has been actively engaged with various non-profits especially around children and underprivileged. During COVID pandemic, she along with a team of volunteers ran an initiative to provide food and other essentials to around 5k+ families in San Francisco Bay Area. She is passionate about preserving Kashmiri Pandit heritage and has been actively driving many initiatives geared towards KP kids. She conceptualized and led KOA kids camp in 2020 along with a team of volunteers to conduct 50+ sessions covering culture, language, music, art, cooking, etc. She co-created first ever KOA Koshur Word Bee which saw participation from KP kids across US. Recently, she co-founded a digital magazine 'Lockchaar' with a goal to impart knowledge about our rich KP culture and heritage, in a kids friendly manner.


 Renu Hakim
Renu Hakim was born in Srinagar, Kashmir and moved to Jammu in 1990 with her family as part of the Kashmiri Pandit Exodus. She moved to Hong Kong in 2002 and has been a leading Early Childhood educator for the past 16 years. She has a Master’s in Early Childhood Education from the University of Hong Kong. She has been at the forefront of the rights of children and has been advocating for better inclusive education for young children. She has published on inclusive education in Hong Kong in the prestigious Early Childhood Journal. She is passionate to work with children in conflict zone something that has impacted her childhood also. Renu is also committed to the self-sufficiency and empowerment of women. She believes empowered women become the agency of self-driven change and Hemath provides an excellent platform for women to be the change. She feels honoured to be part of this imitative.