Wellness Program

The physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellness of women of our community who even after 3 decades have not been able to take control of their lives.

Mind and Body wellness is the first essential component of a women’s empowerment.

HemAth has created a number of programs to address that:

 Yoga Classes


To keep up with Yoga practice, HemAth holds a class every week on Sundays.

Yoga classes are held by:

Ms. Karuna Dhar Munshi
A certified “Art of Living” teacher

Ms. Rewa Kaul
A certified “Bikram Yoga” teacher

Ms. Renu Wokhlu
A self-taught Yoga teacher

Private & Confidential Counseling

A sound mind leads to a sound body that is essential. No empowerment could be achieved without having a sound mind and body.

Our women can reach out via WhatsApp directly to Dr. Neelma Dhar Bhan:

A Board-certified Psychiatrist from Canada in confidence and anonymously.

Health Care Preventive Screening


Preventive Health Guidelines provide public and practitioners with recommendations for preventive care. Based on the recommendations of recognized clinical sources, professional consensus panels, and government entities they are based on the best available medical evidence at the time of release. These guidelines apply to those individuals who do not have symptoms of disease or illness.

Some of the key guidelines suggested particularly for women’s health include:

Routine Health Examination, Screening mammography, Cervical cancer screening, Colon Cancer screening and Bone density test.


HeMath Accomplishments by the Team members

In order to achieve some of the major screening guidelines, HemAth has held 2 day-annual medical camps in Vitasta Hospital, Rajindar Nagar Jammu. Multi super specialty consultations in Nephrology, Oncology, Surgery, Medicine, Gynecology, Urology, Gastroenterology, Ortho and Pediatrics were made available.
Mammography, Liver Fibro Scanning, X-Ray, ECG, Bone density Test and Laboratory investigations were provided free of cost.
In 2022 about 700 plus and in 2023 appx.900 plus people were served.


To make a major screening tool available to our displaced and underprivileged women, HemAth raised funds and donated a mammography unit and a digital X-Ray unit to Vitasta hospital in 2022.


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